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We have a web app that is using MVC Preview 3. I'm new to the project and relatively new to ASP.NET MVC itself - soon we will be looking to upgrade to either the Beta or RC version.

  1. Are there any major difference between preview 3 and Beta version that would require extensive refactoring?

  2. Any "gotchas"?

  3. From my understanding the RC will be very close to the current Beta... does anyone have a view on this?

Any advice apprecited really.... thanks.

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There were quite a few changes between preview 3 to the beta. IIRC the most pain came between preview 3 - preview 4.

One of the biggest gotchas is some of the functionality in the main dlls got placed into a separate dll because they were not going to be fully supported for the first release.

I suggest you brew a large pot of coffee and go and read everything Phil Haack and Scott Gu wrote around that time.



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ASP NET MVC - Beta Release Notes has all the details regarding the changes. It is available at the mvc download page.

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