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I want to build a simple web 2.0 collaborative website using asp.net MVC2 or Flash and I want to receive events from a web based interface to a desktop AIR application. For e.g, someone makes a comment on a blog post, I want that information to be passed on to a desktop air application showing that a new comment has been made. What would be a good technique to receive asynchronous events?

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The easy way is to set a timer that will request the XML from your webservice each XXXX miliseconds. An optimization tip could be ask if there are new items to load before call the complete XML.

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Two flash applications on same machine can communicate via LocalConnection (even in one is AIR-based). To listen for call, it must be connected using some name. Use two different names in AIR and Flex app (one is to listen, second to send to).

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what about if the applications are on different machines.a web site is always hosted on a remote web server –  iceman Dec 22 '10 at 9:12
This is to connect web interface (browser app) and AIR app on local machine. –  alxx Dec 22 '10 at 10:00

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