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I have an array with... lets say 100 elements. I want to check to see if any of the elements matches a particular string. For example:

@array = ('red','white','blue');

I also want to know if the array contains the string 'white' as one of the elements. I know how to do this with a foreach loop and comparing each element, but... is there an easier (faster) way than looping through the whole array?


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Because it's unsorted, any method you find is going to involve searching the whole array, so it's not going to be faster than looping through it. –  Paul Tomblin Dec 21 '10 at 13:39

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It won't be any faster than looping, but you can use grep within Perl.

$ perl -e "@array = ('red','white','blue'); print grep(/^white$/, @array);"
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That does seem easier, I don't really mind the speed but simplicity of code is always nice. -Thanks –  Nate the Noob Dec 21 '10 at 13:30

Perl 5.10 and higher, smart match:

say 'found' if 'white' ~~ @array;

For pre-5.10, List::MoreUtils:

use List::MoreUtils qw{any}; 
print "found" if any { 'white' eq $_ } @array;

These short circuit - if a match is found there is no need to traverse the whole array.

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You can use grep as:

@array = ('red','white','blue');
$key = 'white';
if (grep { $_ eq $key } @array) {
        print $key.' found';
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Thank you for also posting about "grep" but also thank-you for showing an example of how I would use it within my code. –  Nate the Noob Dec 21 '10 at 13:33

If you are going to search the array many times, it would be worth while to build a hash table of your array data:

my %array_data = map { $array[$_] => $_ } 0..$#array;
my $search_term = 'white';
if (defined $array_data{$search_term}) {
    print "'$search_term' was found at array index $array_data{$search_term}\n";
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