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The $args variable should, by definition, contain all arguments passed to a script function. However if I construct a pipeline inside my function, the $args variable evaluates to null. Anyone knows why?

See this example:

function test { 1..3 | % { echo "args inside pipeline: $args" } ; echo "args outside pipeline: $args" }

This is the output, when passing parameter "hello":

PS> test hello
args inside pipeline:
args inside pipeline:
args inside pipeline:
args outside pipeline: hello

Is there a specific reason for this? I know how to work around this, however I wonder if anonye out there can explain the reason for this.

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Pipes use $input. Try this:

function test { 1..3 | % { echo "args inside pipeline: $input" } ; echo "args outside pipeline: $args" }
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Ok thanks. However I'd still say that this behavior is very strange. And according to the dev's they tried hard to design it using the Principle Of Least Surprise ;) – driAn Jan 16 '09 at 17:34
To explain what is going on here, $args contains every uncaptured (for lack of a better term) argument to a command. In your pipeline example, you are asking for left over $args from the ForEach-Object (%) command, because that is the context that the script block will be evaluated in. – JasonMArcher Feb 22 '09 at 19:42
This kind of thing also happens with the $_ automatic variable. You need to watch what context it is in. – JasonMArcher Feb 22 '09 at 19:43

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