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we have a asp.net webforms app using NHibernate. Here are some specifics:

  • We need Distributed Transactions because we write to the database as well as to a queue.
  • Because this is a web app, we use the recomended Session-in-view pattern. We have a HTTPModule that opens the NHibernate session on the BeginRequest event and closes it on EndRequest.
  • Within the flow of a request, we have several separate moments where we need to do transactional work. For this, we use TransactionScope.

So basically, what happens is this (pseudocode):

using(var session = sessionFactory.CreateSession()){
  using(var tx1 = new TransactionScope(){
    //work work work

  //other work

  using(var tx2 = new TransactionScope(){
    //work work work

However we now get into a situation where we see a lot of crashes related to the Connection to the database. Some researching gave us two suggestions:

  • Use a NHibernate transaction within your transactionscope
  • Create your session within your transactionscope

However, we have two questions about these suggestions:

  1. Doesn't NHibernate automatically enlist itself into the TransactionScope. Why do we need to create a transaction explicitly for NHibernate?
  2. If we must create our Session within the TransactionScope, how can we combine this with the Session-in-view pattern?
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  • You must use NH transactions (session.BeginTransaction())
  • NH transactions will automatically enlist in the TransactionScope
  • You don't have to create your session inside the TransactionScope.
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Can you also tell me why? All the examples I find create the session within the TransactionScope. –  Lodewijk Dec 22 '10 at 14:24
That's just how it works (call it an implementation detail). I don't know where you've seen those examples (link?), but if they create sessions and not NH transactions, they are wrong. –  Diego Mijelshon Dec 22 '10 at 15:03

Have a look at the ncommon framework, it demonstrates a method of using NHibernate with a TransactionScope using the concept of a UnitOfWorkScope; this may be the guidance that you're looking for.

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