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i have made a application in vs 2008 using c# and at back end i am using sql express 2005.

Application background:

just like report tool in which user select some parameters and get results in cube after she can import that result into excel or in any formats.


  1. user mostly processing 15 to 70 months report which takes 45 mints to 1.25 hours to
    complete but sometime result generated for 9 months and sometime 11 months not as
    selected months -- show alert: timeout....

  2. how to attach and deattach my database file when my software is installing
    (or after installation) as my application installer installs my apps.
    and sql express 2005

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Use sp_attach_db to attach a database to a SQL server:

If you're connecting to the server using a SqlCommand object, then you can set the CommandTimeout to 0 for indefinite execution. That is not advised though!

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i have already set CommandTimeout to 0 but no change it shows me same error. can you explain why my application not processing all the selected months and it is much slow. – Haid Dec 22 '10 at 6:51

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