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I have a main git repository A and we are using sources out of another git repository B in a subdirectory of our main project. Now it would be good to have the B repository checked out within the A repository in this used subdirectory. If someone else then clones the repository of course he should get our main repository A and within that automatically the B repository.

Let me visualize the directory structure:

+ main_repository       - the root directory of the main Repository
  + src                 - directory containing the source 
    + foreignRepo       - this should be the root directory of another git repo
  + binaries
  + other

This must be also known in the remote repository, just a local copy doesn't help me, because other people check this out and must be able to compile all the stuff.

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You should look at Git submodules for your needs: book.git-scm.com/5_submodules.html – Benoit Courtine Dec 21 '10 at 14:32
Updated link: schacon.github.io/gitbook/5_submodules.html – twasbrillig Nov 14 '14 at 5:20
A blog post explains the pros ans cons of each approach Git Submodule: Git Subtree. – Paul Rougieux Feb 16 at 13:34

You'll want to read about Git submodules.

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Or from the Pro Git book: progit.org/book/ch6-6.html – bdukes Dec 21 '10 at 15:18

You can nest two git repo's without using submodules. Suppose ChildRepo is a subdirectory of ParentRepo, and both are git repositories.

+ ParentRepo
  - ChildRepo

If you add a file to ChildRepo, ParentRepo will ignore it. When you commit it it will be added to ChildRepo. It is not possible to add files within ChildRepo to ParentRepo.

More info: Nested GIT repo gotchas!

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I just tried nesting a child repo within a parent repo. when I added a file to child repo, I did cd ../ and git status and the parent repo did not ignore the new file. – chharvey May 4 '14 at 17:51

Use git subtree in git version 1.7.11 and above. git subtree is superior to git submodule because:

  • Management of a simple workflow is easy. Older versions of git are supported (even before v1.5.2)
  • The sub-project’s code is available right after the clone of the super project is done
  • git subtree does not require users of your repository to learn anything new, they can ignore the fact that you are using subtree to manage dependencies
  • git subtree does not add new metadata files like git submodule does (such as .gitmodule)
  • Contents of the subtree can be modified without having a separate repository copy of the dependency somewhere else

Additionally, if you need to detach a subtree of your existing repository into a new repository, git subtree split can help you with that.

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This answer was originally posted here: blogs.atlassian.com/2013/05/… – Paul Rougieux Feb 16 at 13:31

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