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In my iPad Xcode project I have a file located inside Resources group folder. When deploying on iPad it goes to the Application folder ...AFF9-8A934F9408B3/MyApp.app, but I need it to go to ...AFF9-8A934F9408B3/Documents. How can I do that?

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You can't directly place files into an application's document folder on the device as a part of the deployment. However, you can copy them from your (read only) bundle into the application's document folder.

To obtain a reference to an item in your bundle, you can use:

NSBundle *appBundle = [NSBundle mainBundle];
NSString *bundlePath = [appBundle pathForResource:@"XXXX" ofType:@"xxx"];

You can then load the data and save it as you would normally. There's more info on this process in the following question (amongst others): iphone copying folder from bundle to documents

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