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Actually i'am working on translate some librarys to free-pascal. so the problem is which in delphi can use the ampersand (&) symbol to escape a reserved word, but in free-pascal does not work. the compiler complains with this message
ForLibDx.pas(72,13) Fatal: illegal character "'&'" ($26)

when include an ampersand symbol.

actually i am using the {$MODE DELPHI} to compile my units under free-pascal

FPC 2.2.4


thanks in advance.

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From what I recollect, the FPC compiler does not have a means for escaping reserved words.
The ampersand (&) as an escape character to escape reserved words is a Delphi-compiler-only feature of the Delphi language.

You might work around this by using the fully qualified name (including unit, and classname) as Rob Kennedy suggests here.

NB: It is recommended to avoid these ampersand escapes in Delphi for non-generated code, as not all of the IDE and 3rd party tools can cope with it.


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It does, but only in the development version (2.5.1). Afaik & was mostly added for IDispatch btw? COM objects can have fieldnames/methods that are keywords/reserved words. – Marco van de Voort Jan 1 '11 at 16:56
This version is now gold as version 2.6.0 – Marco van de Voort Oct 18 '12 at 8:04

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