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windows platform. szPath is pre defined. i want to add szPath2 to it but i don't want to use the PathAppend function because i 'll need to link the Shlwapi library.

what should i do? i want to return a wchat_t..

wchar_t szPath[MAX_PATH];
wchar_t szPath2[MAX_PATH] = L"\\project\\MyApplication.exe";
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Those are not wchar_t s; they are arrays of wchar_t. By "add" I assume you mean you want to concatenate the strings. –  Karl Knechtel Dec 21 '10 at 15:57

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Any reason you aren't using std::wstring?

You can also use wcsncat

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Use the standard wide-char concatenation function, wcscat or any of its friends as appropriate.

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Use wcscat. The signature of the function is as follws. If you know strcat, it's the same function but works with whcar_t instead.

wchar_t *wcscat (wchar_t *dest, const wchar_t *src);

It will put src at the end of dest and handle the null terminating character as well. Of course, dest should have sufficient space available, and the two arrays shouldn't overlap.

See MSDN article on string concatenation for further details.

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