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I was searching for dropbox alternatives with own server, but had no luck. iFolder was pretty nice, but currently iFolder server could only be installed on linux. I have only Windows server now. (I tried syncrify, but it didn't work well as I expected)

So after hours of searching, I gave up and determined to use git or subversion as a dropbox alternative.

But I'm worrying about disk space that git repos will eat up with binary changes.

Is there a way to keep git repository from storing revision history or any other good approach for this problem?

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This might be better suited to superuser. – MatrixFrog Dec 22 '10 at 5:33
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I think you'll want to look at something other than revision control systems if you're concerned about history.

The whole point of revision control systems is maintaining a history of changes, so you can't really turn that off.

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