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Is possible to make the app use different drawables after choosing a theme in Android?

An explanatory example:

i have a layout which background uses a reference to: "@drawable/backgroundsolid", that is image backgroundsolid.png in res/drawable-mdpi.

I want that, if the user choose "Glass" theme, the reference stays to "@drawable/backgroundsolid" but the resources folder is changed to res/drawable-glass, which contains a different backgroundsolid.png image.

Is it possible to set this programmatically? Thanks a lot!

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You can set it programmatically by using view.setBackgroundResourceId(). I am not sure if you do it the other way which is let android pick the right theme for you. Maybe someone else has a better answer

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Thanks Amir, but I need to apply the theme globally, including icons and images, not only backgrounds. I already know how to set different images using resources, I want to know if it is possible to choose different resources folders programmatically. –  Mariux Dec 22 '10 at 9:13

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