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I've got an page that uses dynamically populated DropDownLists and OnSelectedIndexChanged events. A few days ago I found a defect where hitting the back button would load the previous page from the browser's cache, so the DropDownList would already have a selected index (hence the OnSelectedIndexChanged event would not fire properly as it didn't have the default selected index). I understood the issue and googled around. It's a well known issue that doesn't have an easy solution because of how the browser interacts with the page. After a bit of thought, I went with a trivial javascript solution to reset the ddls:

        var gvTable = document.getElementById("foo");
        if (gvTable != null)
            var actionDDls = gvTable.getElementsByTagName("select");
            for (var i in actionDDls) {
                actionDDls[i].value = 0;

This worked well and I was happy. Until I tested it in IE. In IE, it appears to run the script, THEN load the cached values of the DDL. That is, I observe the DDL snapping back to the 0 index, and then suddenly dropping down to the previously selected value.

I'm sort of at a loss here, I typically debug in firebug, but this works perfectly in firefox and chrome. Any suggestions? Thoughts?

Thank you.

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Did you happen to look at history points feature in .NET 3.5? This may help the current issue through a custom state management feature.


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That's a lot to digest on my schedule, but if that's the way life goes, that's how it goes sometimes. Thanks for the link! – Dio Dec 21 '10 at 18:02

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