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Searched hard but all I found was a page listing "commercial open source" CRMs, i.e. what you have to pay for.

On the lookout for free CRMs so I don't have to build one!

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Got a list of 10 free CRMs!

The Top 10 Open-Source CRM Solutions

  1. SugarCRM
  2. SplendidCRM
  3. CentricCRM
  4. Hipergate
  5. Compiere
  6. Vtiger CRM
  7. CentraView
  9. Cream CRM
  10. Tustena CRM

Also got multi-purpose suites.

Compiere or Dolibarr

  • ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning
  • CRM - Customer Relationship Management


  • CRM - Customer Relationship Management
  • SFA - Sales Force Automation suite
  • BI - Business Intelligence tools
  • CTI - Computer Telephony Integration

Vtiger CRM

  • CRM - Customer Relationship Management
  • SFA - Sales Force Automation
  • IM - Inventory Management
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+1 for SugarCRM. –  pbreitenbach Jul 8 '09 at 2:24
www.saleslifecycle.com < free for single users –  Andrew Harry Apr 24 '13 at 3:54

I was looking the same in these days. Looks like SugarCRM being a great choice. I played a lot yesterday with SugarCRM, Zoho CRM and Salesforce. Only SugarCRM, in its community edition, is open source and free. Zoho is nice (and free up to 3 users). Saleforce is more expensive.

Edit. I checked out vTiger crm, and it looks event better than SugarCRM, and there are also some plugins for integration in Outlook, Thunderbird and iPhone. I think I will try to install it ASAP.

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vTiger CRM has been designed on Sugar CRM as far as i know but its interface does look very pretty and feels better than Sugar CRM do elaborate on it when u do try it out Thanks –  rzlines Feb 6 '09 at 8:21

I am developing some modules for Vtiger CRM tring to extend some existing modules(for ex: contacs,mail,calendar). My opinion is that Vtiger Crm covers 80% of the standar requirement. There are some limitation in extending the system. Hardcoded query and lots of magic numbers. (ex: if (a==5) else b(a==6) and so on). A new version 5.1 is coming out (is in rc1).

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At an old job of mine we set up Sugar CRM for the sales guys, and it worked wonderfully. You should definitely check it out.

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