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I really like being able to the command-line tool gitx from Terminal.app to open GitX and see the Git repository change log that I can scroll through, with nicely formatted diffs for each.

Mercurial is so similar that it would be nice to have a similar tool to just be able to view the commit log, changeset diffs with author, etc. like gitx.

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I've been working on this https://github.com/juancn/hgx

It's still kind of crude, but history viewing works fine. I couldn't get Murky to work on Lion, so I decided to build my own.

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Have a look at MacHg too. It's a little nicer than Murky, IMHO.

hgtk is the best, in my opinion. It's harder to setup and not as nice looking, but does much more than Murky or MacHg.

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Looks like Murky is what I was looking for. In order to open up the current repository to view commits, changelogs, and authors, use:

alias murky open -a Murky

and then use the following to open up the current repo in Murky:

murky .

(Thanks to Jens Alfke for this info!)

So that I can more easily remember it, I also made an hgx alias to Murky in my ~/.bash_profile:

alias hgx='open -a Murky .'

That way I can just cd into a local mercurial repo directory and just type:

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Though I'm not a non-open source fun, after using for some time MacHg, which doesn't have a diff browser, trying Murky which crashed right after launch on Mountain Lion and hgx which couldn't work, I'll suggest SourceTree which is free and at least has a diff browser. –  Ioannis Filippidis Sep 23 '13 at 17:53

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