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I have four controls; three DropDownList boxes and regular list box. I am gathering the following SharePoint data for each:

DropDownList1 = Web Applications

DropDownList2 = Site Collections of DropDownList1 selection

DropDownList3 = Sites in the site collection from selection in DropdownList2

Listbox = Document Libraries from selection in DropDownList3

Since each is a function of one another, how do I solve this in C#. I want to render them in a web part.

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what you have to do is populate the web application dropdown on webpart load . enable postback true for all three dropdowns. and create handler on selected index change for all three dropdowns. on selected index change of webapplication populate sitecollection dropdown and on selectedindex change of sitecollection dropdown populate web dropdown and on selected index change of web populate listbox with document libraries

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