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I'm failing rmmod lcd_module.ko ERROR: Removing 'lcd_module': Device or resource busy

lssmod give me result: lcd_module [permanent]

how do I cancel this option? I want to load my module more than one time for testing.

thank you on advance.

*if I try to install with modprobe it wont recognize my module.

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Sounds like you have multiple issues here, one of which is that you should install your module and run depmod -a to get modprobe to work. –  ephemient Dec 21 '10 at 20:08

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Also, you can attempt to force the kernel to remove the module with rmmod -f lcd_module. Cautionary note: This can cause system failure depending on what kind of resources your module has a hold of and what state its in when you try to force the removal.

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You have to implement the module_exit function in your .c file, like this:

static void __exit myexit(void) {}

If you haven't already done so before loading your module with insmod, then the only way to remove that module is rebooting.

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thank you.. I've forgot to uncomment this line for checking.. thank you :) –  azulay7 Dec 22 '10 at 10:18

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