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I have a contact form that doesn't use a model. What's the best way to validate its data?

Should I use cake's automagic goodness and have it create a dummy model on the fly a pre-defined dummy model that validates the data according to the rules I add on the fly or is there a better way?

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From my experience, it has always been that you create a model for situations like these, and then set:

var $useTable = false;

in the model. You don't have to do it "on-the-fly". It's just a model with validation rules, without an associated table.

Here's a link that should help you with this.

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And I always thought that it's quicker and better to skip the model and use some hacky validation inside the controller action. Really, what was I thinking? Thanks a lot for making this a lot more clearer to me! :) –  Pichan Dec 21 '10 at 22:29

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