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Having a little trouble with this static 'inheritance' in php 5.3 I need to test if a static function exists in static class but I need to test it from inside a parent static class.

I know in php 5.3 I can use the 'static' keyword to sort of simulate 'this' keyword. I just can't find a way to test if function exists.

Here is an example:

// parent class
class A{

// class B will be extending it and may or may not have 
// static function name 'func'
// i need to test for it

    public static function parse(array $a){
        if(function_exists(array(static, 'func'){

class B extends A {
    public static function func( array $a ){
        // does something

So now I need to execute B::parse(); the idea is that if subclass has a function, it will be used, otherwise it will not be used.

I tried:


These 2 do not work.

Any ideas how to do this? By the way, I know about the possibility to passing a lambda function as a workaround, this is not an option in my situation.

I have a feeling there is a very simple solution that I just can't think of right now.

Now I need to call

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You can't use function_exists for classes and objects (methods), only functions. You have to use method_exists or is_callable. isset only works with variables. Also, static does not simulate $this, they are two completely different things.

That being said, in that specific case, you have to use is_callable with a quoted static keyword:

if (is_callable(array('static', 'func'))) {


if (is_callable('static::func')) {
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is_callable(array('static', 'func')) worked fine. I was concerned that if 'func' does not exist then is_callable may raise at least a warning that variable is not defined, but it does not. It returns false if func function does not exist, which is good. – Dmitri Dec 21 '10 at 22:19


public static function parse(array $a){
    if(function_exists(array(get_called_class(), 'func') {

See http://php.net/get_called_class

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