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i have gedit 2.30.2 installed (Latest build) and Mac OSX 10.6.5 . I cannot get it to write a curly bracket with + + "8" . On Ubuntu, no problem, on XCode no problem, but gedit won't let me write a curly bracket... I searched on google a lot and found everytime the same answer: use + + "8" .... PLEASE HELP

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Quite late, I know, but I think, what you want is actually this.

right-click on text window of gedit, scroll down to "Input Method" in the contextual menu, and select "Multipress". You probably have "Simple" selected, as that is the default.

I was mad with disbelief when I could not type #.

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Well the snippets seemed a bit hard to do, cuz nothing happened after i configured it. Anyway, saw yours, perfect solution. thanks! – StinkyCat Oct 2 '12 at 18:40

Well, it's quite easy to work arround. Activate the Snippets plugin in gedit's options. And create a snippet for the most important characters.

Ah, after years of searching I hope I found my text editor of choice ;)

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This might sound like a retarded workaround, but it's actually much simpler than the X11 route, and pretty much solves the problem entirely. Nice one! – Stijn Debrouwere Jan 28 '11 at 17:07

I guess this question should properly belong to serverfault, but in some sense it's about the programming in GTK+, so I'll answer here.

Which language environment do you set in System Preferences? GTK+ implemented on OS X on top of Cocoa has had a problem around the keyboard input if the system is not in the English mode with an English keyboard.

You will have a better luck if you use gedit via X11 on OS X.

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