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I am using the following code to write the table. Now I wish to add subscript text after the table text. How can it be achieved?

My code has:

  oCell = document.createElement("TD");
  oCell.innerHTML = data;

How do I add a subscript text followed by the data?

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Please make clear what you mean. HTML table syntax can be found here: – schnaader Jan 16 '09 at 13:46
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You may mean this:

oCell = document.createElement("TD");
oSub = document.createElement("sub");
oSub.innerHTML = data;
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You can use the following to append another element to the td element:

var newElem = document.createElement("sub");
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Just carry on with the innerHTML you're using:

oCell.innerHTML = data+'<br /><sub>'+subText+'</sub>';

Or even

oCell.innerHTML = data+'<br />'+subText.sub();

for some JavaScript 1.0, retro good?

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oCell.innerHTML = data;

If 'data' can contain '<' or '&' characters, you've just done a blunder. Instead, use createTextNode to put plain text into HTML:

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