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I've been trying to figure out how to use Prism but I'm a bit lost right now on how to implement a feature on my small project... maybe I just dont know how to do it as I'm really new to WPF and the whole composition type of application as I was a Graphic/Web designer with an urge to learn more about programming. I friend of mine suggested that I should learn WPF and I did... I'm pretty good now with designing UI and the other things that makes it move. Last night I was able to write a WCF service and connect my WPF application to it which was really neat.

i was browsing last night when I found Prism and it got me really interested but I'm not sure how to use it completely... For now, all I want to know is how to wire a Login screen to a main screen using Prism.. most of the examples I've seen load contents to a shell window but I have not seen any that uses a Login screen that would redirect a user to a Main Window once a user is validated.

Can anyone point me to the right direction? A sample project perhaps? I know i'm not good at this yet but I'm eager to learn.



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If you enter, for example, this search query in the Prism forums at Codeplex, you will get many threads that deal with this situation.

A particularly helpful one could be this one.

Searching for "login" also provides useful results, as many them explain what to do after the login has been performed, how to load modules depending on permissions, etc.

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