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Is there an ad network that allows you to run customized in-house ads that are dependent on the user's location? I mean, as an example, could I create 10 in-house ads and tell the network something like:

"If the user is within 50 miles of City X, show these 4 ads and if he is within 50 miles of City Y, show these 6 ads."

Does this type of service exist?

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How is this in any way a programming question? –  cdhowie Dec 21 '10 at 22:33

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I think Mopub would be a good choice for you. They do in-house ads with geolocation. Also, if you are investigating which advertising platform to go with I am aggregating a list at AppSDKs.com

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Searching google with the same question here. Looks like some do show house ads but not as we whished:

  • Google Ads SDK for iOS (only shows house ads when no matching ad is available and an alternateUrl is supplied by you, seems to not take into account user location)
  • AdWhirl (by AdMob) (seems it does not take into account user location)
  • iAds does not seem to offer house ads functionality

Guess the search is still on :(, but ruled out some

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