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I want to execute a prepared statement like

prepare stmt1 from 'select * from tags where name in (?)'

set @a='tag1, tag2' ;

execute stmt1 using @a ;

But alas, it does not work as expected (it seems to treat the argument to in as a single string).

Is it possible to form a list like this using in in a prepared statement?

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In short, no.

THe basic query that you're telling to to try to run is select * from foo where bar in ('tag1, tag2'), which means it's matching the string 'tag1, tag2' and not treating it as a list.

Unfortunately, with in, you typically need to do dynamic queries. Other options are a UDF which parse out the string, or a temp table you join against.

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Ok, hold on. How do you parse the string in a user defined function? You can't just run an exec type statement on the list and have it work can you? – bobobobo Dec 22 '10 at 1:36

No. You can build the SQL dynamically (using for example CONCAT) and then execute it.

Or you can use multiple parameters:

prepare stmt1 from 'select * from tags where name in (?, ?)'

set @a='tag1';
set @b='tag2';

execute stmt1 using @a, @b;
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