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I'm a Java developer and I'm very familiar with Eclipse and Netbeans (I've memorized a bunch of shortcuts!). However, my advisor new research uses Windows and C#. So I need to learn C# and move to the "Visual Studio 2010" IDE. So far I'm hating it. I can't get used to it, is there a tutorial or cheat list for helping existing Eclipse/Netbeans devs switch to Visual Studio?

The major things that I mix is the flexibility of eclipse and some key shortcuts like:

  • Format-Code (Ctrl + Shift + F)
  • Quick Fix (Ctrl + 1)
  • Open Editor -- Navigate quickly (Ctrl + E)
  • Open File of Project -- RegEx (Ctrl + Shift + T)
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This chap has done some key bindings that might help you..

Visual Studio's keybindings for Eclipse

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