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In order to show a page I need to grab a lot information from various tables, and for now, it takes around 20 seconds to load the page, witch is terrible.

So I want to move everything into one Store Procedure and get all that info the old DataTable way.

I get this

public WinnerPageInformation FindWinnerPageInformation(int calendarId)
    BackendPagesContext ctx = new BackendPagesContext(db.Connection);
    IMultipleResults results = ctx.WinnersBackendPageInformation(calendarId);

    return new WinnerPageInformation()
        Challenges = results.GetResult<Challenges>(),
        Content = results.GetResult<ContentWinners>().FirstOrDefault(),
        Einfo = results.GetResult<ContentEmails>().FirstOrDefault(),
        Fields = results.GetResult<SubscriberFields>(),
        Prizes = results.GetResult<Prizes>(),
        Winners = results.GetResult<Winners>()

and WinnersBackendPageInformation looks like this

public class BackendPagesContext : DataContext
    public BackendPagesContext(System.Data.IDbConnection connection) 
        : base(connection) { }

    [Function(Name = "dbo.sp_GetWinnersBackendPageInformation")]
    public IMultipleResults WinnersBackendPageInformation(
        [Parameter(Name = "calendarId", DbType = "Int")] int calendarId)
        IExecuteResult result =
        return (IMultipleResults)(result.ReturnValue);

public interface IMultipleResults : IFunctionResult, IDisposable
    IEnumerable<TElement> GetResult<TElement>();

but the problem I'm facing is that, the line this.ExecuteMethodCall throws an error saying that the result is not a MultipleTable result.

my Store Procedure looks like

ALTER PROCEDURE sp_GetWinnersBackendPageInformation
    @calendarId numeric = 0
    SELECT * FROM ContentWinners WHERE calendar_id = @calendarId;
    SELECT * FROM Winners WHERE calendar_id = @calendarId;
    SELECT * FROM SubscriberFields WHERE calendar_id = @calendarId ORDER BY position;
    SELECT * FROM Prizes WHERE calendar_id = @calendarId ORDER BY prizetype_id, to_day, title;
    SELECT * FROM Challenges WHERE calendar_id = @calendarId;
    SELECT * FROM ContentEmails WHERE calendar_id = @calendarId;

Error message is

More than one result type declared for function 'WinnersBackendPageInformation' that does not return IMultipleResults.

What am I missing?

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Your not missing anything.

Entity Framework 4 does not support multiple result sets in stored procedures.

If you read the blog post here, you'll find this statement from a member of the EF team:

Unfortunately we weren’t able to get full support for multiple results into the product this time around. We did, however, add the method Translate to ObjectContext which allows you to materialize objects from a DataReader. So if you have a stored procedure which returns multiple results whose properties directly align with EF objects, then you could get the underlying store connection from the context (context.Connection.StoreConnection), create a command and use it to execute the stored procedure and get back the DataReader. Then you could call Translate and get back an enumerable of those objects, followed by reader.NextResult() and Translate, etc.

So, you can use some "old-school" ADO.NET, alternatively you can try the EF Extensions project on CodePlex which appears to do the plumbing for you.

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thanks for pointing it out ... never got to that comment :( –  balexandre Dec 22 '10 at 4:23
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