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Hey all, I'm trying to implement something where I have 2 thumbnail pictures underneath 1 large image. I would like the large image to change to another picture when you hover over the thumbnail. Is there a script, or tutorial out there for this? Possibly jquery?

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jQuery would rock this. Here is a tutorial that does something similar. Good luck!

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U can do it with hover function


.nav {
   background:url(images/3.png) no-repeat;

.nav_hover {
   background:url(images/4.png) no-repeat;



HTML Code:

// Call  class CSS Script to element

Check it

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You should have included the html so that anyone wanting to studying this code would know where .nav and 'nav_hover' was used in the body script. For me the answer was not fully useful. – swydell Dec 14 '15 at 19:12

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