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I have a site that I see is getting a ton of SQL injections and Code injections per day. I use CrawlTrack to view/record/block the IPs, but now I want to do a comprehensive scan of my domain to see if I am overlooking any vulnerabilities I need to be fixing AsAP.

Does anyone know of any stand alone Mac application or browser based scanning software that would help find potential issues on a domain?

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Acunetix has a free edition. Check if it is useful. Here is a OWASP XSS prevention reference. It has reusable components, cheat sheets etc.

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Does your database support stored procedures? This would help prevent the SQL injection issues.

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if the MYSQL server is greater than 5.0 then it would, I have MySQL - 5.0.45. –  HollerTrain Dec 22 '10 at 5:54
Do you have anything preventing you from using stored procedures, then? –  Babak Naffas Dec 22 '10 at 6:25

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