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When I get the notifications from google at the callback URL I am unable to correlate the messages to the correct order in the database. Can I pass some identifier that would be sent back to me as a part of the callback notification? How is this done in general?

I am using the latest google-checkout-java SDK.

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I am trying to find the answer to this same question. Is there an answer? –  Zeynel Feb 27 '11 at 6:30

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You should be able to use your merchant-private-data-section for this

<checkout-shopping-cart xmlns="http://checkout.google.com/schema/2">

When you get the notification, you can read this data.

See also this question and especially this answer. I'd only note additionally that you don't have to use merchant-note (or your-ref), but can define any tags of your own as merchant-private-data is defined as a sequence of xs:any. Hope that helps...

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