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I am trying to build a jquery based advance search query constructor. The live version of the design built using the MooTools framework is here http://opl.bibliocommons.com/search

Now to the problem, I have a div with the controls that has to be dynamically created on click of "Add more" button. Once the new div is created, I need to bind events to controls inside the div.

The Mootools version of the code is as below:

add_query_part: function(ev) {
    if(ev) ev.stop();
    var query_chunk = this.query_chunks[0].clone().set({'class': 'query_chunk query_piece','id':"query_chunk_"+(++this.term_count)}).inject($('query_parts'));
    var search_param_select = query_chunk.getElement('select').set({
      'class': 'parameter',
      'style': 'margin-right:3px'
    var keyword = query_chunk.getElement('input[type=text]').set({
      'class': 'operand text',
      'value': ''
    var remove_btn = query_chunk.getElement('a').set({
      'class': 'remove_btn',

    remove_btn.addEvent('click', this.remove_query_part.bindWithEvent(this));
    keyword.addEvent('keyup', this.construct_query.bindWithEvent(this));
    keyword.addEvent('mouseup', this.construct_query.bindWithEvent(this));
    search_param_select.addEvent('change', this.construct_query.bindWithEvent(this));
    return query_chunk;
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jQuery live() will help you do what you want!

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