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is there a way to notify user about a new version of plugin available?

This can be certainly done by writing some custom code to ping webservice, finding status and based on that displaying message, but then i am wondering if there is a predefined way/template available which can be used and achieved.

If you are sharing sample code, I like C#.

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I think one of the best ways to achieve this without writing your own custom code is to use ClickOnce (or a ClickOnce alternative) - "ClickOnce applications can be self-updating; they can check for newer versions as they become available and automatically replace any updated files."

ClickOnce can be and is often used in conjunction with Office addins - for example, see http://robindotnet.wordpress.com/2010/07/11/how-do-i-programmatically-find-the-deployed-files-for-a-vsto-add-in/

Also, another question regarding open-source options to Click-Once might be a good idea - clickonce - what is a good open source alternative to clickonce? (DDay.Update)?

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I havent tested this out, but i guess its a good pointer. Will add more comments if i have issues. – JewelThief Dec 22 '10 at 19:38

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