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Which Mobile Devices Support Databases ?

Iphone, Android, Symbian, J2ME, Palm, BlackBerry ?

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  • iPhone supports SQLite, since it's written in C, (Objective C being a superset of C). You can also use the native framework for persistent data, Core Data which is usually used with a SQLite Data Store
  • Android supports SQLite, it has a package which is the standard package for database on the plateform
  • Symbian supports SQLite, in fact it's built in the OS (as per SQLite page)
  • J2ME does not support SQLite, though there is other options
  • Blackberry supports SQLite since version 5 of its OS : Date Storage Overview
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thanks a lot Thomas Joulin – Harsha M V Dec 23 '10 at 2:23

SQLite is specially design for light weight device like Mobile. So all the Mobile devices support the SQLite database

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