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I want to export, checkout, or whatever you call it from the index, HEAD, or any other commit, to a specific folder, how is that possible? Similar questions have already been asked:

GIT: Checkout to a specific folder

How to do a "git export" (like "svn export")

But the problem with the proposed solution is that they preserve the relative path. So for example, if I use the mentioned method to check out the file nbapp/editblog.php to the folder temp, the file would be checked out in temp/nbapp/editblog.php!

Is there anyway to checkout to 'temp' directly?

Also, another important thing is to be able to check the HEAD or any other commit. The checkout-index (which allows using the --prefix option to checkout to a specific folder, while normal checkout doesn't allow) checks out only the index. What if I want to check out a file from a certain commit to a certain folder? A similar question has alread

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git cat-file blob revision:path > path/where/to/save/file

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It's worth noting that cat-file won't perform and autocrlf or other work-tree specific mangling. – Charles Bailey Dec 22 '10 at 9:38

With git archive, you can include the path elements that you don't want to replicate in the specification of the treeish. E.g.

git archive --prefix=temp/ HEAD:nbapp editblog.php | tar x

creates temp/editblog.php, whereas

git archive --prefix=temp/ HEAD nbapp/editblog.php | tar x

creates temp/nbapp/editblog.php.

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