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I have a set of data on my home page as a result of Ajax response..clicking on any of the data will guide me to another page .but whenever i click the back button of the browser it guides me to the home page , not showing the ajax data..is there anyway to act ajax data as session or something ???

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Use jQuery History Plugin

Sample Code:

function callback(hash) {
    // do stuff that loads page content based on hash variable

$(document).ready(function() {
        $.history.load(this.href.replace(/^.*#/, ''));
        return false;

More Solutions:

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I would say you should make another call when you click back on home page. By storing on a page with jquery, you are compromising with security. See this jQSession. Try to invoke ajax call again since Ajax is fast anyway. All the session data should be handled by a server side script.

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