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Does iphone support cookies????

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iPhone is simply a piece of hardware so, no it doesn't support cookies. It's the built-in Safari web browser which supports cookies.

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@fabian789, oops typo :-) – Darin Dimitrov Dec 22 '10 at 16:38

Look at: NSHTTPCookie and NSHTTPCookieStorage

URL Loading System Overview says:

The NSHTTPCookie class encapsulates a cookie, providing accessors for many of the common cookie attributes. It also provides methods to convert HTTP cookie headers to NSHTTPCookie instances and convert an NSHTTPCookie instance to headers suitable for use with an NSURLRequest. The URL loading system automatically sends any stored cookies appropriate for an NSURLRequest. unless the request specifies not to send cookies. Likewise, cookies returned in an NSURLResponse are accepted in accordance with the current cookie acceptance policy.

The NSHTTPCookieStorage class provides the interface for managing the collection of NSHTTPCookie objects shared by all applications.

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Any modern browser can't survive without supporting cookies

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