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I have a system where people inputs some words and based on this I have to search into a database of products. The products belongs to one category and have attributes such as brand,price,condition (new, old,used..)

Does someone knows how to sort a list of results according to best match i.e. those which match words entered by the user should appear first

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Maybe you could use Zend Lucene, you'll find a quick intro on this Symfony framework page.

Edit: as you are using Java, try the original Lucene library (Zend Lucene is actually a port to PHP).

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I am currently using GWT and Java on the server –  Noor Dec 22 '10 at 11:08
Lucene is actually originally a Java library. You'll find it easily using your favorite search engine. –  Vincent Mimoun-Prat Dec 22 '10 at 11:09

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