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Kind of trivial thing but ... I want to print japanese characters using plain C from Hexadecimals

From this table, I know that, the first char in the table, あ's Entity is &# 12353 and its Hex Entity is x3041, etc.

But how do I use this two numbers in order to get printed all characters in the command line?

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If your terminal is set to UTF-8 and locale is set correctly, you may write:

char s[]="あ";

you can also try

 char s[]={0xe3,0x81,0x82,0x0}

(the last is the Unicode UTF-8 encoding for "あ"), and then just printf("%s",s);

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I believe the UTF-8 for 0x3041 is actually 0xe3 0x81 0x81. – caf Dec 22 '10 at 13:05
Hm..."あ" is U+3042 HIRAGANA LETTER A UTF-8: e3 81 82 UTF-16BE: 3042 Decimal: &#12354, I think maybe he got it wrong, or the symbol is wrong. I'm using the unicode app in linux cutting and pasting the symbol from the browser..., but in any case, if it's U+3041 HIRAGANA LETTER SMALL A, then yes, you're right and UTF-8: e3 81 81 – Dervin Thunk Dec 22 '10 at 13:27

If __STDC_ISO_10646__ is defined, wchar_t is in Unicode, and you can do something like:

printf("%lc", (wchar_t)0x3041);
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