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I have a project in c#, Windows that uses Rijndael object.

I'm suppoesd to write it in c++,Linux.

I understood that I'm supposed to use openssl/aes, but couldn't figure out how.

What are the includes? what is the class name? the methods?

what should I use instead of: Rijndael.create(), Rijndael.KeySize(),Rijndael.IV(), etc.

Thanks in Advance.


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Example source code is available here. Make sure you link with -lcrypto.

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have a look at cryptopp. They have Rijndael (AES) "raw" and in block modes (CBC etc.). Look at their wiki documentation, they have many code samples.

It is a popular crypto library, they have also a Windows version, so you can use on both platforms. If you wish to keep your current implementation on Windows, you may want to have your custom wrapper, so that you can choose an underlying implementation on each platform.

EDIT: a sample from my code

using namespace CryptoPP;

CBC_Mode< CryptoPP::AES >::Encryption encryptor;

std::string clearText("hello world");
std::string encrypted;

StringSource( clearText, true,
    new StreamTransformationFilter( encryptor,
        new StringSink( encrypted )
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