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When we build a universal application, Is that we should implement UI seperatey for iPod and IPad......?

Our app do not have orientation,splitting functionalities to develop......

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Yes you should develop the UI seperately for ipod and ipad. For ipod create a folder ipod_content and place your .h and .m files there and same with the ipad. Same thing you need to do in Resources folder for separate xibs.

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I depends. You can develop the UI so it scales accordingly and is usable on both iPod/iPhone and iPad unchanged (both via Interface Builder and via coding). But quite often you want to do things differently on the iPad since you've got a lot more space available. Unless you don't care about how it looks/feels like ;-)

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Thanks, An other request: Can you give me a sample 'programatic UI' Universal iphone application . Thanks In advance –  bharath gangupalli Dec 23 '10 at 12:37
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