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i have little knowledge on javascript, so can you tell me how i can make a word limit in this below textarea

<textarea name="notes" "rows="4" cols="40"></textarea>

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Word or character? Also, are you trying to enforce this in PHP or via JavaScript? Either way, please put more effort into writing your questions. –  middaparka Dec 22 '10 at 12:03

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use this function

     function textAreaCounter(field,cntfield,maxlimit) 

     if (field.value.length > maxlimit) 
     field.value = field.value.substring(0, maxlimit); 
     else cntfield.value = maxlimit - field.value.length;

<form name="frmlist" id="frmlist" method="post">
                <textarea rows="8" cols="70" name="description" id="description" onFocus="textAreaCounter(document.frmlist.description,document.frmlist.descriptionCount,1000)" onKeyDown="textAreaCounter(document.frmlist.description,document.frmlist.descriptionCount,1000)" onKeyUp="textAreaCounter(document.frmlist.description,document.frmlist.descriptionCount,1000)"></textarea>
                <em>Characters remaining:</em>
                <input type="text" name="descriptionCount" id="descriptionCount" readonly="" size="5" value="<?php if(isset($frmdata['descriptionCount'])){echo $frmdata['descriptionCount']; } else{ echo '1000'; }?>" >
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woo thank you Pradeep Singh –  rakib Dec 22 '10 at 12:35
if any answer solves your problem, then accept answer by checking right sign. –  sam Dec 22 '10 at 12:54
but i can't install it with my form –  rakib Dec 22 '10 at 15:30
where i should put the javascript code –  rakib Dec 22 '10 at 15:31
in script tag at first –  Pradeep Singh Dec 22 '10 at 15:33

Can be done easily with a bit of javascript. Put your textarea in a form:

<form name="userform">
    <textarea name="notes" "rows="4" cols="40" onKeyDown="limitInput();">

Add this function to your javascript:

<script type="text/javascript">
function limitInput() {
    var limitField = document.userform.notes;
    if (limitField.value.length > 10) {
        limitField.value = limitField.value.substring(0, 10);
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ops i can't do it with my form how please edit my form- –  rakib Dec 22 '10 at 14:55
how i should install it with my form –  rakib Dec 22 '10 at 15:03
please can you show your form code .... ?/? –  Syed Qarib Dec 22 '10 at 16:16

I am sure you are asking about this in case somebody entered: "asdjaskdhasdkljakdjhqwrriewtjuowejgidfshgodfshgkjdfsghdfkjghdfsghdfsghjdfsgkjfdg" which will make the design blow up. You can use css word-wrap, php wordwrap function and/or a javascript function which should split the text by " " (white space), then loop through each word and check length according to what fits you.

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I'm sure you're wrong. No kind of text inside a textarea will ever blow any design at all... –  acm Dec 22 '10 at 12:34
not inside the textarea, but rather when the text inside the textarea is dispayed to the user somewhere in the website –  Maverick Dec 22 '10 at 12:38
Yeah, I know what you mean but, that's not the question at all... The question is "How to limit number of chars/words inside a textarea?"! –  acm Dec 23 '10 at 10:24

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