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I want a project to be buildable with both GNU Make (on Linux) and NMake (on Windows). Obviously, I can have the makefiles called Makefile and Nmakefile and build by using make and nmake /F Nmakefile respectively. Is there a pair of names such that make and nmake without -f//F options work?

According to documentation, NMake looks for .mak files, so I've tried to use and Nmakefile.mak, but it didn't work.

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According to the man page of GNU make, it will first look for a file called GNUmakefile.

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from man make:

Normally you should call your makefile either makefile or Makefile. (We recommend Makefile because it appears prominently near the beginning of a directory listing, right near other important files such as README.) The first name checked, GNUmakefile, is not recommended for most makefiles. You should use this name if you have a makefile that is specific to GNU make, and will not be understood by other versions of make. If makefile is `-', the standard input is read.

so call your gnu Makefile GNUmakefile

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