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We have used the redcloth and bluecloth wiki renderer's with Ruby, basically you can do something like this...

html = RedCloth.to_html(wiki_content)

and poof, you get back HTML.

Is there something out there for C#/.NET ?

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That will result in incompatible wiki syntax. – Stefan Steiger Aug 23 '11 at 10:16

There are some wiki rendering engines but the names escape me right now. Perhaps check out some of these open-source options? I've previously reviewed MindTouch from that list for an application and it was quite rich, but it did much more than I needed to do.

If you just need something to turn text into HTMLcontent, I use Halide which lets people type in a textarea then it'll HTML-ify links, remove dangerous content, add <p></p> and <br />, etc. Very simple but no built-in formatting options.

SO uses a custom version of Markdown for their text editor and HTML content rendering. Search google for Markdown.NET for a number of ports.

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see Markdown port for dotnet at – k3b Dec 3 '10 at 12:19

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