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My Application needs to pick up location information at regular intervals. I use AlarmManager to do it and it works fine. The problem is that when the phone goes to the standby/sleep mode the GPS location listener gets removed. After some time when my AlarmReceiver gets fired it looks for the latest location update which it does not get because GPS has been turned off due to the standby mode.

Is there a way how I can wake up the location listener when my AlarmReceiver gets fired or any other alternative?

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Hello Umesh, I stuck in same problem. Is their any solution do you have? –  Amol Sawant 96 Kuli Aug 6 '13 at 6:47

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No, there is no way around this. Altough, this method can help a little:

public void addProximityAlert (double latitude, double longitude, 
                               float radius, long expiration, PendingIntent intent).
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