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i want to create an application where different clients register to the central RMI registry. I want to register my object on the registry which is running on the different PC.
i mean registry is running on the single PC and clients register from different PCs to this registry. But it give an error ... here is the code

MyInterface obj =  new MyInterfaceImpl();
Registry registry = LocateRegistry.getRegistry(host);  /// host is the IP of computer on which           registry is running

registry.rebind("MyInterfaceimplementation", obj);

but it give so many error.. One of which is marchalling unmarchalling Please help me in this regards i am very confuse ...please tell me its solution if any body know this. thanks

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can you post some error stack-trace you got – Nayan Wadekar Dec 22 '10 at 17:41

You can't do this. You can only bind to a Registry that is running in the same host that you are. You can use LDAP for this if you have an LDAP server handy.

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