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... both seem to define an operation and it's message. i dont quite understand, why both are necessary.

thanks for any help on this.

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Do you think my post below answers your question? –  Lijo Jul 22 at 12:04

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Interfaces (wsdl:portType)

The WSDL portType element defines a group of operations, also known as an interface in most environments. Each operation element contains a combination of input and output elements, and when you have an output element you can also have a fault element. The order of these elements defines the message exchange pattern (MEP) (One-way, Request – Response, etc)

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The WSDL binding element describes the concrete details of using a particular portType with a given protocol.

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Binding defines the abstract interface of a web service.
Conceptually it is like a Java interface since it defines an abstract type and related methods.
In WSDL the port type is implemented by the binding and service elements which indicate the protocols, encoding schemes etc to be used by a web service implementation
I.e. the binding specifies concrete implementation details and essentially maps a portType to a set of protocols (HTTP and SOAP) message styles (Document/RPC) and encodings (literal)
Is the distiction clear now?

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