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I have searched everywhere. The bug tracking system on http://projects.gnome.org/gedit/ is broken. Don't know how to use IRC(even if I did, irc.gnome.org is a very weird site of which i understand nothing). You are my last hope:

How on earth do I create [brackets]/{braces} in gedit on mac? And no, alt+8/9 does not work and shift+alt+8/9 does not work either. The combinations work in every other application, but not in the one where I need it the most. gedit.

Thank you.


Keyboard: qwerty

Gedit is running standalone.

I can copy paste them into gedit which is what I have been doing so far, but as i begin to delve into Dicts in python this is becomming increasingly time consuming.

My computer is a 2007 macbook(intel)

And yes, I have tried re-installing gedit :)

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What sort of keyboard are you on (i.e. what language, qwerty or dvorak)? Is gedit running through X (X11) or is it standalone? Also, can you specify which characters you intend to type by adding them to your question (the names for the characters can be different based on where you live). –  CajunLuke Dec 22 '10 at 17:29
Also, can you type the characters elsewhere and copy/paste them into gedit? (Not a solution, as a debugging step.) –  CajunLuke Dec 22 '10 at 17:31
edited the orignal. Thanks for your interest! –  Jagil Dec 22 '10 at 18:21

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