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I'd like to develop a module as an event with registration form. An event is actually a page module with slight modification by adding some fields such registration form url. When the controller return a view, I'd like the controller to return a registration form widget along with the event info (article) and a google maps widget.

Imagine a widget class:

    class Registration_Form_Widget extends Widget{

My question is: Is it possible to create widget dynamically (I mean the creation of widget instance is dynamic (not the content) such using new Registration_Form_Widget and bypass the parameter such the registration form url that has been stored to the database?

So far, I never see an example that show how to create widget instance dynamically with automatic increment id


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Nope, widgets are created whenever you create em.

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Oh.... XD. I understand. –  oscarz Dec 23 '10 at 4:33

Although it is obviously possible to achieve it with a bit of code. There is no "magic function" to do that automatically, but you can look into the widget module files to understand what is done when a user create a widget in the admin CP. And then you could reproduce the behaviour yourself.

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