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I have been trying to use the latest NAnt (0.86 Beta 1) for a few weeks now in several .NET 3.0/3.5 projects as using multiple .sln solution files to build the platform code on my build server but alws ran to error and having this problem :

BUILD FAILED Solution format of file 'C:***\Platform.sln' is not supported. Nested build failed.

PS; To clear more picture here i m trying to use Nant with 2008 multiple *sln (solution) files. Intalled Soft on my build server: VS2008 Nant 0.86 beta1 / nant-0.86-nightly-2009-01-11 Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0A CruisControl version :

Tried every possible scenario; including I then installed Visual Studio 2008 and in so doing, installed SDK Version 6.0A. Once I did this, Nant 0.86 began to work with .NET 3.5. I adjusted the tag as follows:

. . .

Should I wait for the fix thill 0.86-beta2 (TBD) release with these fixes, which is also not sure as far as i know from here. any updates for it?

Any over come from this sitauation : Thanks In advance N@

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If you're using the solution task, it is not supported for anything newer than VS2003. The following question may help with the problem you're seeing:

NAnt and VS2008 (.NET 3.5) - Solution format of file Solution.sln is not supported

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Not to be pedantic, but that is it is not supported for anything NEWER that VS2003! –  veggerby Jan 28 '09 at 12:36
Woops. I updated the answer. That's definitely what I meant to say. Thanks! :) –  Scott Saad Jan 28 '09 at 15:41

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