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HI i have a structiure like this.


how can i loop into this tree and execute Parent in new Task then when is finish than Children1 and Children2 Parallel whene is finish then then Children2.1 and Children 2.2 also parallel. So the order of executing is like in graph. Sorry for my bad english.

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use Parallel.Foreach for running task on all childs, and then in the end call all childs subchild:

void run()
   do action on parent;

void DoTasks(Node node)
  if (node.Childs == null) return;

  Parallel.Foreach(node.Childs, child => {do action})

  foreach(var child in node.Childs)

parallel.foreach waits untill all tasks finished.

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Thanks that did the work, one more question if i nead to implement cancelation example if I cancel Parent then all childrens will be cancel. how can i do that. Sorry for my bad english. THanks in advance. – Florim Maxhuni Dec 22 '10 at 21:22
@Florim Maxhuni, if the cancellation is within first Foreach loop, I think there is no normal way, but in second foreach node you can check node.Canceled, if is true, do not run DoTasks – Saeed Amiri Dec 23 '10 at 9:26

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