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I have been trying to change the background color of the app widget on the fly for sometime now, with no success.

I had found one solution (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2726295/android-changing-linearlayout-in-a-widget) which we have been using.

Problem is we already have 8 layout files for 8 background colors, which is really difficult to maintain.

We would also like to add a color picker so that users can select their own choice of color.

Is there a better way to work around the RemoteViews limitations?


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I also want to know the answer. did you resolve this issue ? –  w00d Jan 10 '11 at 16:54

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android.view.View.setBackgroundColor(int color)

do the trick? The color is a 32 bits made up of four 8-bit values for alpha, red, green and blue. See android.graphics.Color for details, it also has helper functions for selecting colors. Or is that not supported by RemoteViews? I suppose it would correspond to


as stated in your link, don't know if that works though.


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Yes I believe it is not supported by RemoteViews. Accepted solution in the link was to create multiple layout files (One for each color). –  Bijjol Dec 22 '10 at 21:45
As long as you are targeting 2.2 or higher, the setInt() method will allow you to do this. –  Ross Hambrick Apr 15 '11 at 3:55
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Yes I was able to resolve the issue..

Check the below link.. http://konsentia.com/2011/03/dynamically-changing-the-background-color-in-android-widgets/

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